Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pumpkin Monkey

Yeah! I started knitting today with the lovely orange cotton cashmere yarn from the Harlot Adventure Trip and I love it. Love it, love it, love it. It's just a simple little project to get moving again (I can't tell you what else I'm working on - since there's that ban on talking about gifts and all - but let it be known that I'm sick of it) and it's going so quickly that I almost just want to stay up tonight to finish it.


Reminders of last night's escapades with the Boy are now causing me to rescind that statement.

Anyway, this adorable little pumpkin hat for Jackson should be done in no time. I was very proud of the ear flaps, though it's true that the ribbing on the band should have been done on size 4 needles instead of 5 for extra tightness. I couldn't be bothered. I don't own size 4 circulars in 16-inch and really didn't want to pack him up just to go out to the yarn store to get some. (And can I ever really be trusted to "just get needles" at the yarn store anyway? No.)

I did something weird on the front of the hat directly above the monkey's right eye where the stockinette starts that only the Knitting Readers of yogurt & granola may actually notice. I couldn't figure it out but also couldn't be bothered to go back. Something about the "wrap and turn" and not picking up the wrap correctly...whatever. I'm just thrilled to have a project actually progress! I can see the green pumpkin top now...

I'm done knitting for the night now, but I'm not done with knitting. Time to go curl up with "Knitting Rules" by the Harlot. My reserve copy just came in at the library and it's such a fun read that I actually read while playing with Jackson a bit yesterday. Don't call Child Protection Services on me, I was just teaching the Boy about books. He has his books and I have mine!


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