Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Baby Love

Back home in Minnesota after a wonderful visit to sunny (and too hot for this cold-autumn-days-lovin-girl) Florida visiting my sister's new family and just finished unpacking. This left me with a lot of laundry all over the living room, many (new) knitting projects and toys for Jackson and also the discovery that I left my camera-to-computer cord at my sister's house. So, dear readers of yogurt & granola, you'll have to wait a few days for up-to-date photos of the new babies. (And since they do grow so quickly and change so much in the first few weeks, they are no longer up-to-date even as I type this, but they're cute and worth the wait, I promise.)

My good friend, Mama Grouch, sent good wishes to all the new mamas out there on her blog and included an adorable photo of The Creep from way back last fall when he was a newbie. Let me just say...adorable. She inspired me to drop a little New Baby Jackson into y&g this morning too (since his birth was pre-blog, y'all never got to see this!). After spending almost a week with tiny new infants, I have to admit that I've been thinking a lot about my former tiny new infant. How he's grown in just nine months... Without further ado, I present to you, Baby Jackson:

one day old, playing with Daddy in the hospital
three days old, "professional" hospital shot
On the knitting front (this is so not exciting without photos...sorry), I finished a sweet little hat for Baby Gigi while traveling, made lots of progress on the second sock (can I finish it by the end of Socktoberfest?!), started up a new hat for a good friend (which I have to frog today because it's too small...duh), have plans to start in on a new sweater for Jackson to wear at his dedication service in December made with yarn from Gale Woods Farm where his Daddy and I were married (yes, like baptism, but not...Unitarian-Universalists dedicate instead...we love this and are so excited!), and have just inherited a bunch of almost-finished knitting projects from my late aunt through my sister that I'm excited to put the finishing touches on and share with some family members. And I'll be digging into embroidery this month as I embroider Gigi's and Jackson's names on the heirloom baptismal gown that my mom is passing down to us. Jackson's way too big to wear it, but he gets to be a part of it anyway...I'm very excited to get going on this (and it has to be done for Gigi's baptism in November...nothing like a little pressure...).

Back to my laundry now and the rest of my catch-up at home. Paying bills, grocery shopping, etc. I, of course, plan to leave time for a little visit to the park today...another gorgeous fall day here and we want to take advantage of all the outside walking time we can get before the snow flies. Well, Jackson probably just wants to play on the swings...fine by me! I love to see my little one laugh on the swings.

Love to all the babies from Aunt Cat. More to follow!
Oh yeah more knitting news: there's also the cabled scarf that I'm about to get going on for me, the peace shawl that I'm thinking about starting with my new charcoal alpaca yarn that I got this incredible deal on and a HUGE project that is about to be frogged for multiple sweaters. Yes, that's right Old Knitting Friends who may be reading this and have known about this project for way too long...THE BROWN BLANKET is scheduled for execution by unravelling sometime next month. The 30 million skeins of chunky yarn that were purchased for it five years ago will be put to much better use in sweaters for me and my entire block...don't you think? Dan has enough blankets and has approved this destruction of a planned gift for him, especially since he'll get a nice warm sweater out of it. My 60" size 13 circulars can now finally be put to use to make a neato scarf going the long way...sometime later (much later) this winter.

My Good Scarf Project scarf appeared to me again in Florida - the chunky pink mohair one that I made back in '03 to protest the war in Iraq for Code Pink (apparently, my scarf didn't work since we're still in Iraq, but that's a long post for another time...). The scarf was too scratchy (but I wore it anyway...proudly!!) so I gave it to my sister to frog for yarn to have to make things for her step-daughters. Since she still hadn't frogged it when I just visited, I snapped photos of it for the GSP. But...I...can' Stay tuned.


Tashaaaaaaaah said...

oy I love babies.......

I would LOVE to borrow your book! I have been meaning to buy it....

Kate said...

I am glad you are back..thanks for the sweet photos of Jackson..Man, time flies and babies grow...Read my blog for more on growing babies and Mama's wishing....
Glad you had a nice trip, and arrived home safe and sound.
Love and light to you

Kate_S said...

Oh that brown blanket! I remember sitting in my living room with you all those years ago when you started it. Please say goodbye to it for me. :) And congratulations on all the new babies -- that is great news!