Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Photo Dump

Get ready for the ride, because tonight's post is all photos. Regular stories and daily musings to resume tomorrow or the next day. But tonight, I've got a backlog to share!

My niece Gigi at about 4 days old - look at those pretty eyes!

Gigi is a thumb-sucker already and is adopting her auntie's style: covering the entire face with the hand

My nephew Tommy at about 5 days old - such a sweetheart...

My best friend of almost 25 years came into town this past weekend for a business trip and we were able to get together - fun to see her again!

Dan and Jackson on Light Rail after Dan's work Halloween party Friday night

Then swimming lessons on Saturday morning...

...Jackson LOVES being in the water!

The Urban Farmgirls went to Historic Murphy's Landing on Saturday night for their "Old-Fashioned Tricks or Treats" event - FUN!

Ghost stories by the campfire...(beware of the yellow house!)

1/2 of Patongo, The Creep and Mama Grouch keeping warm on our tricks or treats adventure

Ye Olde Town Hall

Mom and Jackson warming up and enjoying some cider inside (made b&w because I can never quite fix my hazel eyes to not be red in photos on the computer!)

Come Sunday morning, we participated in the Joining Ceremony at our new Unitarian-Universalist church...Jackson LOVED being up in front of the congregation and talked much of the time!

Finally, just to prove that this is still a knit-blog too, here's the sweater that I started making for Dan's birthday just three days before the big event. I figured that size US13 needles, chunky yarn and a super easy pattern would be a no-brainer, but the dreaded gauge got in my way again. I had to scrap all of this on Monday night because it was going to be 8" too big Dan is a skinny man! I re-started Monday night but it stalled out again yesterday so it was not done for the birthday today (big surprise). He loved it anyway and I hope to keep the momentum up to have it done by the weekend!

So today IS Dan's birthday! Happy 30th birthday to my best friend, partner and soul mate...may we have many more birthdays to share together and may your cake always come with lots of frosting and a big frosty glass of whole milk on the side. I hope you're winning your soccer game right now!! I love you forever...

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