Sunday, May 27, 2007


We found a bottle of wine in our cellar that was not past its prime. Well, it may have been a little old, but we liked it anyway.

::: Essensia Orange Muscat dessert wine from Quady Winery in California, vintage 2003 :::

Vintages from '04 and '05 are still selling online, but we didn't see any '03s listed anywhere. I originally picked this up from Bin 36 in Chicago after sampling a glass back in '04. I'm not a big dessert wine drinker, but this wine is such a treat.

We didn't know what to eat with our wine or how to serve it so we did a little research first. We found this great review/article answering our questions and followed the advice of chocolate, almonds and orange. I'm here to tell you that Green & Black's Maya Gold (dark chocolate with orange) is an amazing partner for Essensia Orange Muscat. Amazing.

Oh yeah, and Dan won the card game. This time. Since we just bought the expansion pack, the possibilities are endless. My record is 1:1 this weekend - let's see who wins tonight.

Stay tuned for a report of the marathon of hikes. Two down this weekend, two to go. (Life is grand without a TV...)

P.S. Yes, we know that we are bad, bad wine drinkers for sipping our dessert wine from white wine glasses. We also poured too much in and had too many glasses. Maybe that's why I didn't win?


dan (aka dad) said...

My victory was a COMPLETE come-from-behind victory. The stuff of legends. Also a case of two arsonist attacks in one round--which didn't go over well the rest of the game. Lesson learned: keep trying to win, but remember that I am still in love with my opponent.

Chris said...

Heh, I was a bad wine drinker, too, back in the day - I always drank it out of Japanese porcelein tea cups. :)

srinath said...

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Becca said...

As far as I'm concerned, wine can be savored from anything other than a styrofoam cup or water bottle, and given good company, even those might suffice. :D Looks like a beautiful date night and a grand life.

Jess said...

We have some of that and some other wines from that winery, I think my husband's aunt lived nearby. They sent it to us either right before I got pregnant or during my pregnancy, both times, and of course we forgot about it and haven't gotten around to drinking it. May just have to do something about that...

GardenGoose said...

bet it made that chocolate taste even richer, bringing out alot more flavor than you'd normally taste in it.
sounds yum, especially paired with the orange.

Nikki said...

Um, am I a bad wine drinker if I take it to the head? :)

Green and Black Maya Gold! I bought a bar just like that when I was in SF in Feb. At first it was too bitter, but as I ate more and more, more and more addicting. I think that chocolate is like $700/pound or something crazy like that, so it's the only time I've had it.