Thursday, June 14, 2007

love, friday

Loved celebrating our anniversary at Minnehaha Falls with the Urban Farmgirls and Tour Guide Rebecca (a.k.a. Dr. Geology). Love the warm wishes and congratulatory comments from my dear readers!

Love going to free wading pools with Jackson. Love summer.

Love playing peek-a-boo with Jackson and my old cowgirl hat. Love that he carries the hat around and *has* to have it on his head for most of the day (not sure why my 16-month-old's head almost fits into an adult-sized hat?).

Love whipping up a new "Elf" hat from Charmed Knits for a sweet new baby that we get to meet on Saturday. Recognize the yarn? Love Buy Nothing Summer. (Picture it on a sweet newborn head, all round and smooth. The top bunches out into four corners - so cute. Jackson's monkey had to sit in for this photo since Jackson's head is WAY too big for this teeny hat!)

Love planning for a camping trip with friends this weekend.

Love going almost a week without driving the car at all, in favor of biking or walking - including groceries and errands. (We could have made it a full week if the air quality wasn't so dangerous today - the Kid needed milk!)

Love pear and granola muffins and can't wait to make more...they don't seem to be lasting long in this house.

love, friday

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GardenGoose said...

really like your blog Catherine. Happy belated Anniversary wishes. Congratulations on 3 yrs...gracious little Jackson certainly is growing cute.Have a great day today!Great weekend to ya. ~Tina