Sunday, June 24, 2007

Vegetable Love

Dan gave me a copy of "Vegetable Love" by Barbara Kafka for our anniversary last year. It's a primer on buying, storing and cooking with all kinds of vegetables. He gave it to me just in time to celebrate the beginning of our first CSA season, meaning our first season of vegetables that were new to us. We loved pouring over the book (which is hardcover and very thick) each time a new veggie graced our kitchen last year and were excited to pull it out again this summer.

What to do with a pile of scallions and French radishes? Make Scallion and Radish soup, of course! My, my...what a tasty summer soup and we just ate it for dinner tonight. I would love to share the recipe - the recipe that included scallions, French radishes, vegetable stock, heavy cream, lemon juice, kosher salt, fresh dill, and cucumbers - but it's probably not a good thing to go publishing recipes from a copyrighted book in the blogosphere.

Therefore, I highly recommend that you buy this book. I am also pleased to say that I just found a few "gratis" recipes over at NPR from an interview that Barbara Kafka did for them, so check out this page too.

Happy summer cooking! And do try Scallion and Radish's way better than it sounds.


sprite said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely check out the recipe. Radishes abound at our local farmers' market and I always think that I ought to find better things to do with them than to use them as salad garnish.

Sarah said...

Wanted to thank you again for the chocolate banana muffin recipe you shared a while back. We love it and share it with guests when they come :) Added bonus that (almost)all ingredients are available in rural Bolivia (chocolate chips imported).
Sarah E