Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Fall is energizing. The cooler temps make me actually want to dig around the house for those "Oh, I'll get to it" type of projects and finally finish them up. In the past two days, I've

• washed and blocked three pairs of hand-knit socks,
• finished and blocked Jackson's vest,
• finished and blocked my Malabrigo Capelet (though it came out a little too big...FO report later),
• seamed and blocked the last sweater knit by my late Aunt and prepared it for transit to its unknowing recipient,
• finished the first Badcaul sock,
• finished the first front piece of my Organic Alpaca Cardi (the back is finished too, but the sweater is still a long way from finished), and
• finished picking and sorting through this fleece, the one that I got for free from the Farmer's Market back in the spring:Rebecca and I thought about washing and carding the fleece ourselves, but that lasted for about a minute once we realized what was entailed. We are definitely Farmgirls with a capital "F," but let's not forget the all-important qualifier "Urban" that goes in front of our name. Urban Farmgirls like to dig in, but maybe not all the way down.

Mama Grouch (who, for the record, HAS washed her own fleece, so she no longer requires a qualifier in front of her Farmgirl title even though she still lives in the City) recommended a fleece processor a couple of hours from the Cities and I called yesterday to inquire. I had the loveliest conversation with the woman in charge, but I'm not going to tell you who she is yet because 1.) I'm being selfish since it's already a 4-6 week wait for processing and 2.) let's see how the fleece comes back! Seriously though, decent pricing and a nice person has to equal beautiful roving ready to spin, right?

How many sweaters do you think Rebecca and I will get out of this one sheep? It's the loveliest, rich gray color that bleeds to light brown on the underbelly and black near the head and rear. Hmm. Maybe before we start planning out our knitting projects from this fleece, we should go back to our drop spindle lesson and practice in the meantime. That's one thing that we definitely didn't finish!
*No, the cool weather does not make me want to go back and finish Audrey II so you can stop your snickering right now, thank you very much. I've made my peace with her for another year or so and we'll not talk about her until then.

"No, Audrey II, I said get back in the closet! NO! I don't have time to work on a big, ugly, brown blanket! Oh no, I meant 'beautiful,' not ugly, Audrey II, don't! You're smothering me! Can'"


TinkingBell said...

Nice fleece there!! How energised must you be (waiting for the springcleaning frenzy to hit - waiting, still waiting!)

Chris said...

Wow, I feel tired just reading about all you've gotten done! Heh, I'd forgotten all about Audrey II...

April said...

The cool weather and anticipation of winter has motivated me to get a bunch of things made. Isn't it a nice feeling to have so many things finished?

Laura said...

Wow you've been busy!

I haven't spun for about a year...I've probably completely forgotten how to do it!