Friday, September 14, 2007

love, friday

Love this apple. Love following Jackson's lead and taking a bite of it and making "mmmm" munching noises just like him. Love that Jackson now plays pretend.
Love a kid in motion. Love the blue sky on a beautiful fall morning.
Love touching the handiwork of my late Aunt, even if it's just seams and end-weaving. Love that she lives on through her knitting.
Love getting yarn in the mail, even if it isn't for me and I have to ship it off to my sister for Gigi's pinwheel sweater. Love that my copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitting Workshop" came in the same box.
Love taking the train downtown with Jackson late on a Friday afternoon for a library visit, stopping for coffee/apple juice on the steps, spontaneously picking up Daddy and "encouraging" him to get off work early, and a fun family dinner at Pizza Luce.

Love pumpkin beer. Love 1/2 off taps Happy Hour.
love, friday


stickchick said...

Awww *sigh*. I always love "Love Friday." It is always so serene and joyful here!

Thanks again for your kinds words. I missed you too!! Hugs!!

Chris said...

I recognize that apple block! :)

I just ordered the yarn for a pinwheel sweater, too!