Sunday, October 28, 2007

Camp Mud

We went camping last weekend to Nerstrand Big Woods State Park near Northfield, Minnesota with good friends Todd/Melanie, Gabriel/Nicolaas/Calliope and some new friends Hugh/Yani/Rafael. It had been a cold and rainy week before our camping trip, but the weekend turned out to be perfect with sunny skies, brightly colored leaves and mild temps. The earlier rain did mean that the trails and surrounding paths were soaked and muddy though. Jackson didn't mind one bit... (Notice how his clothes get progressively muddier in these photos.)

[A happy kid on a muddy trail]

[A profile shot, thanks to Todd. Jackson never sits still for me for this long!]

[Mom + J-Man taking a did my kid get so big?!]

[Calliope showing me her doggy]

[Toddlers on a mission]

[This fall was the creme de la creme of muddy falls. "Uh-oh!"]

[Master of the Forest]

[Playing happily in the woods]

We did leave a bit earlier than planned on Sunday due to lack of parental energy for keeping child out of mud/in the campsite (he's somewhat outgrowing his "running" tendencies, but this kid still has to explore EVERYTHING). All in all, it was a great camping trip. Nerstrand is a beautiful park and we'll definitely camp there again. (Maybe during the dry summer months?)


JEss said...

I laughed out loud at the "Uh-oh!" picture, that's so cute! It looks like you all had a great time there.

We camped there when Grace was a toddler and it was super muddy then, too. Looks like you got it at the end of the season - hopefully the mosquitoes weren't bad.

Hege said...

Great pictures!
Looks like you all had a wonderful trip :)
And the muddy picture of J is adorable!