Friday, October 19, 2007

love, friday (HB Tommy edition)

Happy 1st Birthday, Tommy! You've also come a long way since last year when you were born just a day after your cousin, Gigi! We're excited to come and celebrate with you tonight but we're bringing your cousin Jackson, so guard your toys!!
Love buckets that become great helmets. Don't love slow cameras that miss the perfect shot...
Love baked potatoes while camping which is what we're doing this weekend. Love that it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend.

Love the rain and gray days that we've had all week. Love that the chill outside makes our house seem that much cozier inside.

Love that Dan is off work today and we got to play this morning and go out for lunch at the Co-op together.

love, friday


Chris said...

Have a great weekend!! I'm looking forward to some sunshine.

Rob & Maria said...

YEa! Sounds like a great Friday and a wonderful weekend of enjoying the outdoors! Rob and I enjoyed entirely too much wine and the Wine Festival here in Norfolk, but we had a great time chatting and laughing at each other...I think this becomes a noveltly some times because we are away from each other so much.

christina said...

baby tommy looks just like christa. so cute!