Sunday, December 02, 2007

Cat on a Tall Christmas Tree

My mom took this photo of their Christmas tree with her cell phone. At first I was shocked that my parents had their tree up so early and I questioned her about the date (did they think it was actually December 22nd instead of December 2nd?! My parents aren't known for their Christmas timeliness now that their holiday-loving-kids are no longer at home...). But then I noticed who was sitting at the top of the tree. Um, Oliver? You're not supposed to be resting at the top of my parents' seven-foot tall Christmas tree.

Let's hope that Oliver doesn't call our cat, Simon, by kitty phone to give him any ideas. Simon's been curious enough about our tree this weekend as it is!

I never did get those ginger cookies made this weekend, but the tree is up and decorated, the house is sufficiently Christmas-y, and the Christmas cards are going in tomorrow's mail. Jackson and Daddy played in the snow all weekend (we got over six inches!) and they even brought home a wreath for the front door when they were out today. Jackson gives official tours of our Christmas tree whenever a new person walks into the room too; he tells you the name of each and every ornament (at his eye level). (See below for some translations...)

Let the festivities begin!
Favorite Christmas Carol of the Day: Barbara Streisand's "Jingle Bells"

You know, the one that goes from cha-cha dance to slow, lilting waltz and back again super quickly? Jackson goes NUTS when it comes on the iPod and has his very own (terribly excited and super high energy) dance that goes along with it. So fun!
New Christmas Words for Jackson:

Nu-ca-ca (Nutcracker)
Ahn-yel (Angel)
Huh-fweek (Snowflake)
Slos (Sled)
Ha-Ha (Santa)


Chris said...

So, was Oliver able to get down???

I love those high energy kid dances! My niece gets like that for Frank Black's "Jumpin' Beans."

stickchick said...

Hee hee, nice tree topper. ;-)

Jackson will have a blast this Christmas!! Getting lots of holiday knitting done? (I'm laughing, since I'm NOT).

thursday said...

Hahaha! That's exactly what Tyger did when we had tree. I was afraid he'd tip the whole thing over. Plus, Lotus tries to drink the water (with tree food!), and Lotus and Anya yank the ornaments down and chew them up. Oh, and Anya likes to threaten chewing on the lights, too. So...we haven't had a tree again!

Ginny said...

yeah my mom and I were driving past your parents the other day and thought we were in a time warp when we saw teh tree up! I do not like barbara streisand whatso ever but LOVE the christmas album...might be my favorite all around christmas album

mrspao said...

I hope my cat Merlin doesn't get any ideas like that. He already thinks that the decorations are toys!

K. said...

LOL!! I have a feeling that Serge will be doing the same...but you know...cats will be cats!