Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What's in Your Wallet?

I was adding the latest Jackson portrait to my wallet today when I realized that the pile of photos was getting a bit thick. I took them all out to have a look and here's what I found:
[Top row, L2R: 3 days, 3 months, 6 months, 10.5 months; Bottom row L2R: 1 year, 16 months, 2 years* - click to enlarge]

Sigh. I knew he was growing up - and doing it very fast! - but seeing this progression in my little wallet photos sort of surprised me. In any case, the wallet may be getting a bit thick with photos, but I'd rather be the mom who carries them all around (and photos of the sibling on the way too!) than to recycle and replace. I'll get a bigger wallet if I have to!

In other news, the Kid is sick. Just a mild, low-grade viral infection of some kind, but it's enough to keep us quarantined and keep him in PJs all day. He's very sleepy these days (and is actually conked out on the living floor with his pillow and a blanket right now).

It's probably best that we are stuck at home today though, since it's -7 degrees Fahrenheit right now and the windchill makes it feel like -26. (We're actually the warm part of the state today; up north the actual temps are like our windchill!)

I officially finished the knitting of the organic alpaca cardi yesterday (while Jackson was napping on me) so now I just have to steam-block the pieces (gulp!), seam it up and add the accent color trim. It's a lovely chartreuse green alpaca but I can't decide if I should follow the pattern and actually venture into the land of crochet (I am not a crocheter and don't have any desire to become one...) or just improvise with an I-cord border. Will cross that bridge when I come to it. It's on track for wearing at the Martha Show though (can I get a "woo-woo!?").

I've cast on for Dan's birthday sweater - only three months late - but had to inform him that it's taking a back seat to the cardi completion, for obvious reasons. He had completely forgotten about it, so no worries there! At least it's started though, more on that later.

Off to enjoy this rare morning nap time by knitting next to my sick kid on the floor. Poor baby. Please send good health vibes our way!
*Yep, the last one is from the 2-year Photo Shoot From Hell a couple of weeks ago. This is the one that the photographer had added those cheesy words to and had the silly car prop in it. I was hoping that a close crop would work and it did. What an expression though...mischievous and flirty 2-year old for sure! (Notice the lollipop and the infamous orange marker?)


TinkingBell said...

Gorgeous Jackson photos! I am amshamed that I don't carry any photos - as I always have the kids with me!!

Criosa said...

I was a bit too distracted by the vest to notice the marker & lollipop. (at least in the small pic)

GardenGoose said...

he sure has grown fast..and what a lil' heart breaker he's gonna be when he gets older. he's a real cutey..but that look tells me he can be a hand full..ha. I hope the little guy gets over the cold real soon.
I've tagged you over at my blog if you'd like to play along...but of course you don't have to if ya don't want to.

Ruth said...

I was distracted by the vest too! Great photos. I still haven't put pictures of my daughter in my wallet, must get organised one of these days.

Hege said...

He is so cute!
Hope he'll get better soon - it's not fun being sick.

Looking forward to see the finished alpaca cardi ;)