Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Sneak Peek at our Daughter

The halfway-point ultrasound was this morning and we got some great news:

1. Baby is healthy.

2. Baby is big.

3. Baby is a GIRL!

Allow me to introduce to you, Amelia Juliette (edited: Amelia Catherine, see post above), our new daughter-on-the-way who knows how to move and groove. She danced all the way through her ultrasound today--her arms and legs were constantly in motion!--and is measuring big already (22-week size for a 20-week pregnancy so far). Her heart rate was fast and strong too, steady in the 160s (another indicator that she's indeed a girl, even if heart rate indicator is considered an "old wives' tale"). The ultrasound tech was 99% sure that she's a girl, so we're going with her expertise. And we did get to "see the goods" ourselves too, if not quite as prominently as Jackson's "BOY" photo at the same point during my pregnancy with him.

We chose her name with our guts this time, instead of referring to lots of baby name lists and other resources. I just started listening to people's names lately and really thinking about them. Remember when I told you all about Lisa and her daughter Amelia who we met in NY? Well, Amelia was one of the greatest 12-year-olds I've ever met and I've not been able to get her or her beautiful name out of my head since our meeting last week. I called Dan to see what he thought of the name from the hotel room and got a resounding "I LOVE IT!" Juliette was my great-grandmother's name and while I agonized over whether I could actually use it as a first name, it just totally clicked into place as the middle name for Amelia. (To the "real" Amelia: I hope you won't mind our using your name for our daughter. Please consider it a compliment for both you and your mother!)

The only "worry" news is that I'm at risk for placenta previa for this pregnancy. This just means that we'll have another ultrasound at 28-weeks to see how/if the placenta has moved (it's not where it's supposed to be now, but instead seems to be gravitating towards my C-section scar from Jackson's birth). I'm totally not worried about it which is good because my husband is doing all of the worrying for me (he wouldn't be Dan if he didn't worry about something).
Isn't she beautiful?
*I did consult one list for fun last night, a celebrity baby names list. Oh go on...have a glance just for fun. And be glad that your momma didn't decide to call you Fifi-Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom or Little Pixie, like Bob Geldof did for his daughters.


sprite said...

Congrats! She's lovely!

Christy said...

Congratulations!! Girls are so much fun!!

Chris said...


Jess said...

Aww, a wee girlie! Congratulations!

Hopefully your placenta will move away from your cervix as your uterus expands - that's usually the case. Are they concerned at all about the placenta being near your scar?

If it's not too nosy, may I ask if you are trying for a VBAC or planning a repeat cesarean? No judgment either way, just curious :)

Criosa said...

it's good you have Dan to do the worrying for you. good to hear that things are going well!

I can't believe you didn't choose Peaches Honeyblossom or the like! ;) love Amelia (but I may be biased - that's one of my nieces)

Ruth said...

Oh, a girl, how very, very cool. She's beautiful!

christina said...

great name!!! can't wait for the wee bebe! also ginny taped the martha from monday and am excited to watch it.

Gretchen said...

Congratulations on your girl! I have three girlies, and they are so much fun! Amelia is a pretty name. Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy!

Hege said...

Congrats! and what a wonderful name!
Here my girl has begun to ask for a little sister...
But that is not going to happen (I think) :)
I'd love to have a bunch of kids, but I just have to realize my limits ;)

Aunt Jenny said...

How fun to get to see her!!!
I love the name you picked. My oldest daughter's middle name is Amelia..and I have always thought Catherine is a great name..perfect!!! Congratulations!!

Heide said...

Congratulations to you all! I'm so excited for you and seeing the pictures has made me feel like crying (happy eye-wellings of course). She is indeed beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I am already so proud of my gorgeous new neice!
Huge Buckeye Congrats and know you and baby and Dad and big Bro are in our prayers!
Uncle Nate

Sarah and Jack said...

She is a beautiful girl.

(I had a total previa with my Jack. I hope you escape that!)