Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meet Henry

I am officially finished with the knitting for Amelia's baby blanket and only have the seaming and the border to do. Every square is blocked and all the ends are woven in. Now it's time for a date with my darning needle. I can't wait until this house is quiet enough for me to spread out on the dining room table to figure out the best design. In the meantime, I'll just post these photos quick and go back to playing with Jackson and Henry*.

One of each square; there are 6 designs and 30 total squares.
Lilac: Three Hearts
Oatmeal/Natural: Plaid
Lavender: Seed Stitch Heart
Periwinkle: Plain
Peach: Seven Small Hearts
Mint Green: Star
*The new monkey who is almost as big as Jackson and has to do EVERYTHING with Jackson. Henry sleeps with Jackson, eats with Jackson, rides in the car with Jackson, reads with Jackson, puts his arm around Jackson on the couch...Henry's great. And since I was a monkey collector as a child and had a father who never said no, how could I deny my child when he looked up at me with pleading eyes at the store while hugging this huge monkey the other day? Does this make me a push-over?
In this photo, Jackson is "sitting on Henry's lap." He didn't want to sit on my lap, so he climbed up and made sure that Henry's arm was around him. The greatest thing about Henry? He breaks sidewalk falls! Jackson totally took a digger today on the sidewalk (since he couldn't see where he was going with a ginormous monkey in his way) but he fell on Henry! No scrapes! No tears! Only giggles! Love Henry.

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Chris said...

That is going to be one cute blanket! Yay for Henry!