Friday, May 16, 2008

love, friday (contest winner edition)

Love contests! Thank you to everyone who entered my Tree Contest - your advice was invaluable as we plan out our yard. We're definitely settled on a shorter, partial shade tree (not a fruit tree) but are still non-committal about the type. Hopefully we can make a decision this weekend. A decision has been made on the contest though! Out of twelve contestants, Jackson's Lucky 20-sided die chose number 9 in my comments list (okay, so the first roll was a 19...seriously? only 12 people have ideas on trees?). Lucky #9 is Heide! Love that I get to to spoil Heide since I first met her through the Harry Potter Sock Swap in which she spoiled me rotten. (Heide, send me your address, please!)
(The #9 was tilted for this photo, just for effect. Don't worry, it was a fair roll!)

Love all of the "baby plants" (as Jackson calls them) in and around our house these days. These are Jackson's petunias that he/we planted at school. I won't go into the long story of how they went flying out of the peat pot upon exiting the school due to a very pregnant momma attempting to chase down her son who decided to ignore all commands of "STOP!" until just barely reaching the street, causing many toddler tears and a long ordeal at home about having to "fix the baby plants..." Let's just say that they are now safe (and growing again) on the buffet.* Whew.
Love sunny Friday mornings when Jackson's friend comes to play and we all hang out in the backyard - they get dirty and laugh, I knit and chill. Yes, there were three poopy diapers between the two of them in a span of two hours, but it was still a lovely morning. (What a life...)

Love unexpected beautiful days. We had thunderstorms in the forecast for yesterday and today but instead it's been in the 70s with a light breeze (and no bugs yet!). Simply gorgeous.

Love 32 weeks. Obviously, I know that this pregnancy is real (BELIEVE ME, I know it's real) but getting higher up in the "30s" for weeks is really making it sink in even more. I can't wait to meet Amelia, even though I already know her pretty well. Love that Jackson now sings Happy Birthday to Amelia and makes funny faces in preparation for his Big Brotherly Job of teaching her to laugh.

love, friday
P.S. The reading doohickey I mentioned in my earlier post is from New England Notions based out of Chesire, CT but there wasn't more info on the package. I wish I could tell you all how/where to get one! Shepherd's Harvest was so busy when we were there that I don't even remember the name of the vendor who had them.
P.P.S. I'm taking all of my library books back today. The list did make a difference. It showed me how crazy I am! I think bookmarks in just four books should be good for a while, don't you?
* Jackson now thinks that the reason that he should stop at the corner and wait for Mommy or Daddy to hold a hand is because his baby plants could get broken if he doesn't. Hmm. Well, not exactly what I was going for with the whole "watch for cars/cars go fast/we don't want you to get hurt" angle, but if it works, then whatever.


Chris said...

Thanks for the info on the book holder. D'oh, I spaced mentioning your contest - sorry. :( I'm an allergy zonehead this week.

TinkingBell said...

Lovely plants - My boy is crazy around roads and makes me die - I hope he gets cleverer soon! (Love 32 weeks!)

Rebecca said...

I got baby plants for you!

Heide said...

Whoo hoo! Thank you Catherine. Yikes on the toddler chasing. My girls are all two years apart and I completely understand the issues of trying to keep up with a fully-mobile child while pregnant. Hope you're all enjoying the long-awaited spring.

Kristina said...

I hereby humbly confess that the only reason I didn't join the tree contest was I hadn't finished doing my research. Seriously. I need to get out more.

Thanks so much for the birthday surprise--it completely made my day! It was the first birthday greeting to arrive and it came after a rough morning. Thank you. =)

Ruth's Place said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with reading eyes too big for her amount of time available.

That reading doohicky looks fabulous. What a great idea.