Sunday, June 15, 2008


Jackson and I picked up a new family cookbook while breezing through the library the other day. It's called "Blue Moon Soup" because "soups this good only come along once in a blue moon." It's delightfully illustrated, has easy recipes (that sound really yummy!), and "rules of the kitchen" for even the youngest chefs to join in. The instructions are very short and very easy to follow too.
I flipped to the summer soups section and found a recipe for gazpacho called "How Does Your Garden Grow Soup." I had to admit, I'd always been curious about this cold tomato-cucumber soup, but had never tried it. Until tonight.
The ingredients for tonight's batch* did not come from our garden (yet) but I'm pleased to report that the soup was delicious anyway. This will definitely be on our summer menu plan.
As will this:
Have you made Barbara Kingsolver's strawberry-rhubarb crisp yet? It's amazing! Hop to it!
*Note to self: Never buy produce in a hurry (and without looking at the price-per-pound) again. With the economy going down the tubes, tomatoes making people sick and the price of gas as it is, let's just say that the price of locally grown, organic, hydroponic tomatoes is through the roof and one should not make this purchase lightly. $7.58 for 5 tomatoes, though I didn't realize this until I looked at the receipt when I got home. It's a good thing the soup was tasty!!

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Bonnie said...

Oh! Vladimyr and I made the Strawberry Rhubarb crisp that you had mentioned here, it was wonderful (although I think next time I will double the amount of the crisp part) I even took a pan into work and it was gone in minutes. Thank you for sharing that!