Friday, June 20, 2008

love, friday

Love that Jackson has enough confidence now to ride his Skuut (pedal-less bike) whenever we go out for walks. He practiced a lot in the backyard on his own (which meant falling on the grass instead of the sidewalk and picking it up and getting back on all by himself) and suddenly he loves it. He actually picks up his feet to coast down hills now. That's our bikin' boy!

Love stripey pants for Amelia just like the ones that I knit for her brother two years ago.
Love root beer floats with friends in the backyard. (Love root beer floats every night since too!)

Love late-pregnancy nesting instincts that have inspired me to:
1. finish our wedding album after four years
2. take my sewing machine AND the vacuum cleaner in for repair
3. clean out the front closet and set aside old coats for donations
4. pack up 6 bags of stuff for donating in general (along with Dan's help) since they were coming around our neighborhood today to pick up
5. sort and clean my entire office "crafty" area
6. update Jackson's baby book and print photos for our walls (WITH frames)
7. hire a handyman to finally fix the upstairs handrail that Dan and I were never going to get around to fixing (a complicated mess of old plaster and a stud that went MIA)
8. clean out the refrigerator, freezer and our food cabinets
9. pack my hospital bag
10. print labels for Amelia's birth announcements a myriad of other things. I was totally on a roll this week.

Love that my husband is not opposed to the list that I prepared for him for the weekend of all of the other stuff that I want to get done but can't do on my own. He actually LOVES lists and I had to slow him down already tonight.

love, friday


Becca said...

Jackson should be on the Skuut commercial! How fun to see him "pedaling" around on his own - what a big boy. And, by the way, I just LOVE the pale pink / mink brown combo for Amelia's stripey pants - that's one of my all time favorite color schemes for little girls. She will look darling in her entire mama-knit wardrobe!

Heide said...

Glad that you're feeling so well and getting lots ready for Amelia's arrival.

I LOVE Jackson's bicycle video! This is absolutely wonderful.

TinkingBell said...

That late pregnancy nesting? Never go there - wish I had because you're having such fun!

LaVerna said...

Holy cow woman!You had better have that baby soon or you'll drop from exhaustion.Makes me tired just reading your list...:)

Nyko Hackett said...

Thank you for sharing such a great video with your friends and to the rest of us as well! :) We would love to feature Jackson on our Videos/Photos page. If interested, please contact me.

Nyko Hackett, President
Skuut LLC.