Monday, July 07, 2008

Mall Musings...

Okay! I get it! I'll post more often so you can all be as bored as I am right now. :)

Random thoughts from my mall walk tonight:

1. It's possible to arrange a walk around the mall in time with my pregnant need to pee. I know all of the hidden restrooms that you're not technically supposed to use. Who's really going to deny a pregnant lady a toilet? (Ten points to Gryffindor for whoever guesses how many times I had to go tonight.)

2. Abercrombie & Fitch stinks (as in, smelly).

3. The Yankee Candle Company (or whatever it's called) also stinks (P-U).

4. Overheard conversations always make me wonder what the end of the statement was:
"...well, if we went shopping more OFTEN, then..." (a pissed off wife to her husband)
"...she's always texting me wondering why I don't text her more. And I was like..." (male teen to male teen)

5. It's WAY easier to cruise the mall without my son.

6. Teenage/college boys are fascinated with pregnant bellies. They do a really bad job of pretending not to stare.

7. Moms with strollers look lovingly at me, like "I know how it feels!" (While I'm thinking, "yeah, I know how you feel too!" but I just smile and keep going.)

8. When did teen clothing become mere scraps that barely cover any body parts? I guess I was lucky to have grown up in the "grunge" era of baggy boyfriend shirts. Sheesh!

9. Going grocery shopping at the "big" store was almost as much walking as the mall and probably shouldn't have been tacked on at the end. It also should have been avoided because I had no list with me and felt entitled to buy whatever I wanted without thinking of price or practicality.

10. Torrential rain right when you're leaving said grocery store with two paper grocery bags because you didn't have your reusable cloth bags since you weren't planning on shopping sucks. It sucks more to have slimy wet sandals on the drive home. It sucks even more to have those paper grocery bags break when try to pick them up, though you already had them out of the car so the food spilled all over the street. Luckily, the eggs didn't break. (But it was still raining as I attempted to quickly pick up the food...)
On another topic: I need music for labor. Fun music, workout music, dance music, "inspirational, kick-butt, make-me-sweat" music. Does anyone have any good recommendations? I want to make a new playlist for my iPod. Send me suggestions for good tunes and I'll procure them from iTunes. (Whole playlists would also be incredibly appreciated.) Thanks!!!


thursday said...

I like weird I think I'll skip suggesting anything! Weird in the sense that I don't think it'd be considered "inspirational, kick-butt, make-me-sweat" music.

But, dropping the stuff in the street reminded me of my dropping my box of tomatoes all over the parking lot in 100+ degree heat and having people just stare at the crazy pregnant woman chasing after hundreds of little tomatoes. Seriously people, thanks for "helping." ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG, my sister is 13, so I've actually had to enter Abercrombie a few times recently. I'm like, "It's loud and dark and scary here. Get me outta here and take me to the nearest Gap."

Bonnie said...

Music suggestion:
Cascada [Euro Dance type music (most of it is covers)] it's high energy stuff :-)

Becca said...

Our boys start a little dance party every time we put on traditional Irish music - maybe it would get your little Amelia movin' and shakin' too! Sending you happy, patient, blissful vibes, Catherine!!

Heide said...

I just had a flashback to waddling around in frantic search of a bathroom because I had to pee so bad it hurt. Then once there only about a teaspoonful came out. I go to extremes on music so I doubt you'd want a playlist containing Metallica and AC/DC along with Andre Rieu. I'm very excited for you all. Hugs!

Aunt Jenny said...

I remember well the pregnancy peeing....and it has been a long time. My youngest "homemade" kid is now 28..sigh....
As for music..hmmmmmm I liked 70's stuff and like Becca said...the traditional Irish stuff if great. I even have my cell phone ring set on an Irish tune.
I hate when I forget my cloth bags too!! And it happens more than I want to admit.

sellgen said...

Like the mall musings! I would like to mail you a CD of music.. if it'll get there in time ... I'm pulling for Amelia to make her move, tho the 24th is a great birth-day!

Chris said...

I avoid the mall because I think the whole place is smelly - Ridgedale has a stupid cologne kiosk in the middle that kills me every time.

If you email me your address, I can guarantee a quirky cd for you. :)