Thursday, August 28, 2008

Then & Now

Summer 2007:
Summer 2008:It may still be a few years until Grama & Grampa get a decent photo of their grandkids all together, but it sure is fun to watch the three 2-year-olds run and play together. (Jackson 31 months, Gigi & Tommy 22 months, Amelia 6 weeks)


ginny said...

is gigi totally has missy's smile!! i thought you guys were at your parents last night when I drove by...see you on sunday?

Chris said...

If that doesn't show how fast kids grow, I don't know what does!

Michele said...

maybe girls are better picture takers??? or maybe she just likes to show up her boy cousins? I can't get pics this good from her alone or at our house!
Yes, Ginny, see you Sunday!

Becca said...

This is so darling. Looking at the 2008 shot, I thought to myself, Jackson must have a new baby doll he loves...and then I noticed those REAL baby hands and feet - it's Amelia! Hilarious. What a sport that little gal is. And what fun these cousins will have together, causing trouble!

Aunt Jenny said...

So cute!! I thought Amelia was a doll at first too!! giveaway at my blog right now if you are interested!
Have a nice Labor day!!