Friday, September 12, 2008

love, friday

Love starting new knitting projects. (I'm knitting this sweater with this yarn for me!)

Love watching my Big Boy get his haircut all by himself while I sit on the sidelines and watch (how did he get so old so fast?).

Love that after two months, it's finally getting easier to have two kids. It's never been bad, but now it's getting fun. (Yes, it's true. Amelia will be two months old on Tuesday.)

Love September weather.

Love the anticipation of time with my girlfriends tomorrow morning.

Love the return of pumpkin bagels and pumpkin flavored coffee thingeys at local favorite flavor!

love, friday


Chris said...

I just picked up a gluten-free pumpkin pecan muffin at the Wedge!

thursday said...

Oh yum! I love pumpkin flavored food. As a kid I always had pumpkin pie instead of a cake for my birthday (birthday is around thanksgiving, so it isn't too odd).