Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Read and Respond: Letter to the Editor, Star Tribune

My family is currently enrolled in the Minneapolis Public Schools Early Childhood Family Education program and we will be voting "yes" in support of the Strong Schools, Strong City referendum on November 4th. This early introduction to the public school system has provided access to outstanding educators, community involvement through volunteer opportunities and community connections with other families. This referendum, if passed, will ensure that these things continue alongside essential education basics like early age reading, math and science and up-to-date textbooks and technology. Research shows that investment in early education yields extraordinary public returns - $8 for every $1 spent. Our own Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis states "without support during these early years, a child is more likely to drop out of school, receive welfare benefits and commit crime." Why would we, as a community, not want to support our kids from the very beginning and continue that support all the way through high school?

Minneapolis ECFE Parent Advisory Council Member


Purple Purl Girl said...

Great letter C,
Emphasizing the early childhood benefits of the referendum is not only your interest(currently)it is a good strategic move to engage voters who don't have kids or whose kids have aged out of MPS. I hope it gets published.

Heide said...

Amen Sister!