Monday, November 10, 2008


My best friend, Eden, gave Jackson his adorable monkey blanket just before he was born and it's been a favorite of all of ours around here ever since. We couldn't resist getting one for Amelia too. It's technically her Christmas present this year, but it's just too soft to squirrel away until then! (You can get yours at Admiral Road.)


TinkingBell said...

What gorgeous blankies - and I love the hat - something so nice about baby hats - although they have big heads - the hats knit up so quick!

Thanks for your kind words - give big hugs to the kids from Tasmania! - Oh and Yay on the whole Obama - we love him - we really do - thank you from the rest of the world!

Aunt Jenny said...

Very very cute!! You can just see how much Jackson loves his!!
That had on Amelia is perfect!! I love it!
ONe of my best friends just adopted a 7 month old boy and as soon as I see how big he is I want to make one for him.

Hege said...

Cute blankies!