Sunday, November 23, 2008

I screamed when I heard the news...

...that Eden & Aaron are getting hitched! (Eden has been my very best friend since we were 8-years old.)

He swept her away to a winery in the Napa Valley for the big proposal. Despite it being their 1-year anniversary last week, AND the fact that they were headed to this resort location for a celebration this weekend, AND the fact that their parents will all be dining together for Thanksgiving coming up...Eden was still completely oblivious to what was going on. Right down to seeing this gorgeous table set up in the winery, thinking that it must be for a photo shoot (she's in marketing) and making a mental note to "not touch the table." She had no clue that it was all set up for HER! (She says it looked much more beautiful before they devoured the cheeses and wines!)
So, it is now decided. Eden will be with Aaron until forever. And that, dear readers, is a very, very blessed thing. Let the celebrations begin!
Notes they posted on a tree outside their hotel.
Hers: "I'm grateful for having found the love of my life!"
His: "I'm grateful to have a wonderful fiance who I love unconditionally."


Heide said...

How very sweet and very romantic too! Congratulations to them both.

ginny said...

oh that is so cute!! Eden deserves nothing but the best...congrats to them!

sellgen said...

What wonderful news!! Congratulations and warm wishes to them both!