Friday, November 07, 2008

love, friday

Love baking bread at home again (sans bread machine) after a 3 1/2 month hiatus. (Hmm. I wonder who's 3 1/2 months old?) Love that our homemade play-doh came to the rescue when Jackson wanted to help me knead.

Love handing a slice of hot bread with melting butter on top to a very hungry boy just as he was walking into the kitchen and just before the whine. Love watching him sit on the floor and devour that slice, plus two more and a glass of milk. I could practically see the insides of his body re-fueling and feeling better.

Love this basket. It has solved Jackson's problem of "How To Bring All of My Trains Upstairs to Bed With Me?" relatively easily.
Love nap time. His is often shorter now and hers is still unpredictable, but we usually manage to find some for both.
Love hot apple cider and knitting on the couch while declaring a "computer-free zone" last night. Love that my best friend, Eden, called at the perfect time (after the kids were asleep) so we could gab and catch up.

Love the first snow this morning. Love Jackson's surprise and comments about it ("Look Mommy! It snowed on that neighbor's house AND that one too! Do you think there's snow on OUR roof?"). Love that my Summer Baby Girl's eyes bugged when she saw the big, fluffy flakes for the first time.

Love vegetable wild rice soup that's already cooking in the crockpot for dinner tonight since I'm on my own with the kids through bedtime. Dinner: check!

Love turning off the news radio today and instead opting for my "Irish Jigs" playlist on the iPod in the living room all day.

Love that Obama's election was like putting on rose-colored glasses. I know that they'll slip down the bridge of my nose sometimes and may get scratched, but seriously: everything looks better now!

love, friday


ginny said...

she looks so precious sleeping! totally agree about the rose colored glasses, and also what veg wild rice soup recipe do you use??

Chris said...

What a fabulous day. :)

sellgen said...

Adorable baby hat and model!