Friday, November 21, 2008

love, friday

Love morning naps.
Love imaginative play with trains. These all have names assigned by Jackson and come complete with stories made up by his almost-3-year-old mind. They are as loved by him as most teddy bears and stuffed animals are by others.
Love progress on an old knitting project that barely got started last year. Love having a "duh." moment when encouraged by my Monday knitting group to knit it in one piece, at least up until the armholes (and by then, it'll be almost done, since it's a cabled vest for Dear Old Dan).
(It's not really being knit on all these needles. I just put the ends on my size 8 straights to measure the width. I'm using a 24" circular with all of the stitches just jammed on there.)
Love good health. It's slowly coming back to us at the end of this (long) week. (This was taken mid-sickness, mid-week. Also love Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs for helping this non-TV-watching family through the darkness.)
(That's Henry, Owl, and a basket full of the beloved trains, all front and center for each viewing.)
Love that Baby A's hands are starting to "work" now. She grabs toys, the cat, her brother, her mom's nose, and of course, that yummy thumb that's in her mouth all the time.Love that Dan and I are going to a movie tonight, alone. We don't know what we're going to see yet, but we don't really care either. We're just going to show up and buy a ticket for whatever starts next. It will be our second big-screen movie of 2008.

love, friday


Hege said...

Such cute pictures!
Good to hear that you are getting better.
We turn to dvd's here too when the kids are sick ;)

Have a great weekend and enjoy your movie.

thursday said...

That's the best part about having short hair - she can't really get ahold of it! My little guy slobbers all over his hands (thumb? what thumb? he prefers whole fist), then grabs my hair. ICK.

ginny said...

sucking her thumb?? just like her mom :) does she have that soft spot on her nose yet??

Becca said...

I love seeing the progressive photos of Amelia in her moses's such a fun indicator of how fast she's growing!

Cassie said...

Yay for Owl! Rob just told me about the recent conversations Owl has been involved in. I'm glad to know he went to a good home :)