Wednesday, December 10, 2008

just BE grateful

When Kristina sent me a message on Facebook today wondering if I'd received a package from her that was supposedly delivered on Friday last week, I jumped to my feet and ran to the back door. We don't use the back door in the winter (our backyard gates are so not worth the hassle in the snow) so I never think to look back there. Apparently, the box was delivered on time but the evidence was hidden by the snowfall over the weekend. It was completely covered in snow!

Good thing it was full of preserved goods, though I don't think they needed the extra freezing time (oops!). They did thaw quite nicely this afternoon so I think we're good. Speaking of good, the goods:

• Tangy Apples (just BE red hot*)
• Vietnamese Daikon and Carrot Pickle (just BE worldly)
• Apple Pie Filling (just BE all american)
• Picante Peach BBQ Sauce (just BE unexpected)
• Chunky Mustard Zucchini Relish (just BE resourceful)
• Danish Cherry Sauce (just BE nostalgic)

Plus a jar of apple syrup, some yummy Louet Euroflax yarn, "It Itches" by Franklin Habit, some homemade lavender soap, a pattern for an adorable stick alpaca toy, two llama finger puppets (one has a baby! I can't wait to show Jackson...), and of course, some chocolate (gone).

Oh my!

I don't know what I did to deserve this karmic good fortune. Well, I did win her contest seeking help from the zucchini invasion in her garden this summer which is what this specific package was for. But beyond this package, Kristina has become such a great friend through our online communiques that I'm continually surprised that we haven't met in person! Some day...
*The name of her farm is "just BE farm." Each jar's label has a story describing its yummy contents based on the adjective following "just BE." Awesome. Better than reading a J.Peterman catalog (which has stocking stuffers for $98 that they're calling "deals"--are the stockings knit from spun gold too?! sorry, totally off topic there...).
The book in the background is Jackson's new Christmas favorite. Remind me to tell you about it next time...


Chris said...

Great goodies - glad nothing froze and exploded...

Becca said...

What a beautiful, wonderful gift! Those preserves sound amazing too...and inspiring! :D

Lisa Anne said...

What a fun package, more goodies are on their way!!:)

Sheila said...

Ha! I'd recognize that book cover anywhere ... it's a favorite around here, too :) Also, I made that yummy pasta/squash recipe recently -- thanks!!