Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recycling Malabrigo

Remember when I made that Malabrigo capelet for myself and was convinced that it would be the perfect accessory for me? Well, yeah...not so much. It was cute--the yarn is awesome--but was never really "me" so I never wore it. Couldn't even pass it off on anyone (not even my MOM).

The capelet sat in my stash box for many moons since I considered it "yarn" and not a finished object. I finally got around to unraveling it yesterday when the perfect project for it popped into my head: a poncho for Amelia. We are going to San Francisco in a few weeks, after all. And every Baby Girl needs to have an adorable Malabrigo poncho for San Francisco, right?


Rani said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm malabrigoooooo

She'll look divine!

Have you seen this one?
b16-1 Knitted poncho by Drops Design (ravelry)

christina said...

i love how soft that yarn is!

Gin said...

yes every travelling baby needs a poncho for san fran :) are you going to visit eden?

Becca said...

Oh, those colors! A bright poncho on a darling little girl is just the thing for spring. Can't wait to see pictures!

Janet said...

Super soft yarn + great colors = one fabulous poncho. Good idea!