Friday, May 22, 2009

G&G time

My mom read that Jackson doesn't sit still for photographs lately and decided to come over and try to hold him down herself. I guess it takes a grandma to get the job done sometimes!
Grampa and Amelia enjoyed their own cuddle time too.
Love spontaneous dinners with Grama and Grampa on Friday nights. The homemade cream of asparagus soup whipped together at the end of the day wasn't *quite* rich enough for Grampa's or my tastes, but it was still yummy. The company was even better.


Rani said...

Mmmm. I say Hoorah to Cream of Anything! Especially homemade.

Hope you had a relaxing weekend!

Joanne Peyton said...

Catherine, I had lost track of you. Amelia! Oh my gosh

jo in AK