Monday, July 27, 2009

In case you're wondering...

...this is why I'm so excited to travel solo this weekend. "Stuff" required for our outing today: (L2R)

• Library bag with books to return.
• Swim bag with towels, swim diaper, suits, and sunblock, just in case we decide to hit a pool.
• My (ever-present) knitting bag, just in case the kids decide to fall asleep in the car.
• The diaper bag including Amelia's diapers, Jackson's change of clothing (just in case), the (ever-present) EpiPen emergency bag for both kids (did I mention Amelia's allergic to eggs now?) and a whole bunch of food, water and snacks. Because, you know, we're going to a restaurant where they just might not have the food my kids will eat.

I'm already packed in my mind for my Friday morning departure and the only thing accompanying me from this gaggle of bags is my knitting!


thursday said...

My kid appears to be allergic to *something* but I don't know what yet (raspberries? strawberries? peaches?) - every time I try to take out one thing, he still gets the rash. Weird.

my husband always gets so irritated when I grab bag after bag of stuff for just me and the little guy. I mean, really, how much stuff could we need? A lot!

Knittymama said...

So glad to see I'm not the only who leaves the house w/ that many bags!

The other day the two little boys fell asleep in the car. I grabbed an iced coffee and parked at the lake. They slept for an hour and a half! Heaven!