Monday, August 10, 2009


If you haven't been following the saga on Facebook, then you'll need the quick update here:

Taggie went missing when I was out of town (yes, that means that it happened when Dad was on-duty).
• We searched for Taggie. We didn't find Taggie.
• We bought a new Taggie, though it was a different fabric and pattern because I couldn't find the exact same one locally anymore.
• Amelia liked it for play, but it was clear that it was no replacement at bedtime.
• I continued to search high and low for the exact pattern and finally caved for overnight shipping online.
• The new (old) Taggie arrived:

• Dan discovered the old (original) Taggie stuffed into the back of the third drawer from the top that Amelia is standing near in the video the next day. That would be the kitchen utensil drawer. Her brother is the culprit.
• New (replacement) Taggie is now on alert for a repeat of such occurrence in my closet, just in case.
• We shall not speak of how much this cost us. What's important is that Amelia has her special Taggie, right?



Michele said...

adorable...Gigi loves watching these videos!

Rob and Maria said...

Cute! Amelia is really walking now!

thursday said...

So cute! Good thing you found taggie! my little one isn't attached to anything (except his pacifiers *sigh*), despite my attempts.

Ruth's Place said...

So buying a new one did cause the old one to reappear!

I'm dreading what will happen if we ever lose blankie, customised by me and worn to a special feel...

Kristina said...

Too cute! She can seriously *move*, too!

Beth said...

Ok can I just say when # 3 came along I got smart and bought a yard of material, cut it in four and put some finishing touches on it for Adam and he had 4 roatating, clean, can find one when the other was missing for him to get attached to. 25 years later I have 2 orginal ones to give as a gift once they have their first baby!

Thanks for the knitting lesson ... I hope to pick up the socks this week to continue!

Love you, Aunt Beth