Monday, October 05, 2009

FO Report: Eden's Wedding Shawl

Yarn: Malabrigo merino laceweight 1-ply
Lily of the Valley Shawl by Nancy Bush (Ravelry link)

US6, US7
60" x 27"
mid-September for the October 4, 2009 wedding

Here it is!
Notes: I would not use this yarn if making this shawl again. While soft and luscious and beautiful, the 1-ply nature gave a little bit of trouble (okay, a lot of trouble) by felting just from the friction of knitting it. I definitely lost a few nights of sleep over this because of the yarn choice. My gauge was a bit smaller so I had to add pattern repeats which meant that I had to increase the number of stitches for the edging that was done in the round. This meant that there were over 800 stitches in the edging. One stitch at a time though, and it got done...
More photos of my beautiful friend, Eden, on her incredibly brilliant wedding day to follow. I just wanted to finally showcase what I'd been working on for so long! And even though I was really nervous to finally present it to her, she adored it. Doesn't she wear it well? I love the horizontal lines on both the shawl on her dress. What a gorgeous bride!!!


Gin said...

Kate she looks amazing!!! Although I would expect nothing less from Eden:) The shawl looks awesome, like out of an expensive store! way to go!

christina said...

(funny that gin beat me to the commenting). you did a great job! i can't believe the amount of time and effort you put into that!!!

Lisa Anne said...

The shawl is gorgeous, what a gift of love. Do you know what yarn you would have used instead?

Eden said...

Not only was this gorgeous shaw a work of was a work of love...and I felt your arms around me the entire time. Thank you again for putting your heart and soul in to my "wedding" (and-many-other-special -occasions-to-come) shawl. I love you! Eden

Janet said...

What a gorgeous shawl on a beautiful bride. What a wonderful friend you are to make it for her. Pretty!!