Monday, January 04, 2010

FO Report: Christmas Gnomes

Yarn: leftover Malabrigo from this and leftover River Winds Farm from this
Gnome Baby from Plain and Joyful Living-Natural Earth Farm and Fiber Studio

US5 and US8
gnome size
December 2009
December 2009

These were super fun and easy to knit and the kids adore them. They were hanging over the top of their stockings on Christmas morning and Jackson (who doesn't miss a beat) asked me how I got something that I made into the stockings when only Santa was supposed to put gifts in stockings. I quickly remembered that I had set them out on the table before I went to bed on Christmas Eve with a note asking Santa to help me put them in the stockings because I couldn't reach that high. He seemed content with the answer so all is well with Jackson's world once again.


sincerelybeaded said...

Very cute...LOVE the photo.

Senja said...

These are adorable, they went in my queue on Rav.