Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FO Report: Plain Vanilla Dishcloth

Yarn: Sugar & Cream cotton worsted
this is not a pattern, this is what you knit when you're just learning to knit...

just right for my hands to wash dishes

This is completely boring and not quite worthy of an official FO Report but I'm adding it here because it's been that kind of week. I'm in the waning hours of my 5-day solo parenting stint and should just be proud to have clothed and fed my children everyday, let alone get them to school, play with them a little and read a story here and there. But I did notice a need for dishcloths on Sunday when I was doing the wash and realized that all of the handknit cloths were getting very worn, so I cast-on for a new one. I like them smallish and tight so I go down a couple of needle sizes for my dishcloths. Sometimes I do patterns, but seeing as I wanted to use this one immediately, I went for the garter. It's already been through the wash twice and cleaned up an orange juice spill on the kitchen floor, so I'd say that was a pretty good use of a little ball of cotton yarn, wouldn't you?


Aunt Jenny said...

I always always have a little bag with a couple balls of cotton yarn and a dishcloth going. I keep it in the van for those times I have a few minutes waiting somewhere. perfect. Keeps me in dishcloths too. I love them.

Rani said...

sometimes simple is best, don't you think?

Ruth's Place said...

Solo parenting is hard - I have a two day stint coming up.

I have such an appreciation for single mothers (and fathers) every time the SO goes away!.

Lovely dishcloth.