Friday, January 08, 2010

love, friday

Love seeing my daughter in one of my all-time favorite handknits that was originally knit for Jackson. I missed this sweater!
Love baking cookies and cupcakes and breads, oh my! All week long. It's a regular bakery over here. (And yes, I have two little helpers in the Spoon-Licking Department. Love them too.)
Love planning 4th birthday parties. Yes, that's right. He's going to be FOUR this month.
Love knitting on my Quincy hat, even though I've meant to "finish it for sure tonight" many nights this week, yet still haven't. (Because I've been getting sidetracked; it's not a difficult knit at all.)

Love returning to a normal schedule this week, even with all of its ups and downs. Love preschool drop-off time twice a week.

Love watching this sibling relationship grow and change daily. They scream at each other, hug each other, read books to each other and have even been caught having "conversations" together (which is beyond adorable, since the J-Man speaks English and Baby A--can I still call her that?--speaks Ameliaese).
Love 2010 and all of the possibilities it holds. Nothing dramatic over here (so far), just love the freshness of the New Year. It's like a re-start button!

love, friday


Dan said...

I forgot about that handknit. It is, hands-down, my FAVorite. (Favre-o-rit?). Can't wait to hug the A-Girl in that one!

Kate Seager said...

What's funny is I was just thinking about how much I have always loved that sweater! I remember Jackson wearing it, and it looks great on Amelia. Any chance you can point me in the direction of the pattern?

Lisa Anne said...

I can feel the LOVE, I am glad you brought love friday back.

Lisa said...

I LOVE that you LOVE the possibilities of the new year! 2010 will be the best year ever when we hold space for the creation of our dreams and bring it into reality! We missed seeing you and the fam at christmas!

Hege said...

They look so cute together :)
Have a great weekend!