Friday, May 14, 2010

love, friday

Love the continued support from all of my friends, known and "unknown" (Internet friends!). Thank you for your kind words regarding Jackson's Asperger's diagnosis.

Love my new blog. A place for me to keep track of all of the books and articles that I'm finding about Asperger's.

Love Dairy Queen shakes at home on a Friday night after another long week.

Love that Amelia LOVES playing animals with her Dad. Here they are acting as bunnies, then elephants (Jackson was already moving on to lions).

Love my new wall colors in the living room and dining room that I painted during the long evaluation period for Jackson. I had to have something else to focus on! (Love my new living room rug too, don't you??) 

Love the anticipation of the Autism 5K tomorrow morning.

Love that our shirts we ordered from CafePress arrived just in time.
Love planting wildflower seeds in egg cartons with the kids this week.

Love that the weather is looking like spring again for this weekend (after taking a nosedive back into the 30s for awhile) so we can start to plant outside. Tomatoes, basil and some ornamentals for the front yard plus Jackson's pumpkin plant and our new Fat Albert Spruce tree. Love the anticipation of having dirt under my fingernails again (instead of just all over my kitchen floor...).

Love being five rows away from finishing a knitting project that I started two years ago. (Details later, it's still a surprise!)

Love having the first visit from our school's Autism specialist at our home today. So many questions, so much to learn, so nice to have the devoted time to ask and learn at home.

Love visiting Jackson's new preschool this week and watching him slowly warm up to the place. It's going to be a very good fit.

love, friday

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