Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup Fever

I don't care much about World Cup soccer overall, but I live with a soccer junkie so I have to admit that the bug is biting a bit. We dug out Jackson's old (official) German soccer jersey and shorts* for Amelia to wear today, in honor of the Germany-England match. Dan was rooting for England, Amelia was rooting for Germany (by being adorable in her gear). Here's what transpired when the news of the German win hit our household:
 "Ha-ha! You lose!"
"Oh, it's okay, there will be another World Cup in four years..."
(Dad can't quite get over the loss, but can't NOT hug his adorable German cheerleader either!)

*The jersey set was given to Jackson by Dan's German relatives when he was a baby (6 months old in the photo below). It was personalized with "Jackson 06" on the back. And yes, Amelia is wearing an outfit at almost 2 years old that fit Jackson at age 1!


Rani said...

Hahahaa. That is hilarious. I love the look on daddy's face!

Tami Tripp said...

This is so Amelia's jersey!