Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Cancún 2010 Top 10

10. Naps when you want ‘em. For the PARENTS, not the kids (we didn’t bring the kids). Sleep, sleep and more sleep!

9. Flea market vendors who treated us like famous people. Eerie and uncomfortable for this Minnesota couple, but oddly fantastic too.

8. Roberto, the most awesome Mexican waiter in all of Mexico. Dude tried to teach us Spanish AND didn’t laugh at us. The food was awesome too.

7. Reading on my new Kindle and knitting. AT THE SAME TIME (for pretty much the entire trip, except for #10 above).

6. Knitting half of a Citron shawl with my Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball in fantastically bright colors.

5. Waves, warm water, incredibly turquoise ocean, pool, white sand between my toes, lounge chairs everywhere you look…

4. No interruptions for a solid weekend. I almost wanted someone to bug me near the end…

3. Drinks: Margaritas, cerveza, sangria, mojitos, piña coladas… Hmm, no wonder we slept so much.

2. Guacamole. Hands down. You haven’t had guac until you’ve had it in Mexico and we ordered it as often as possible.

And the #1 item for  Cancún 2010 Top 10: Being mistaken for young honeymooners with the accompanying statement, “You CAN’T be more than 30!”

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Rob and Maria said...

So awesome you guys. Makes me happy to hear!