Monday, March 14, 2011

Ellen! Ellen!

Did you all see this BBC clip with animals doing funny things with human words/thoughts?

SO funny! It made the rounds on FB and my kids just adored it too. We watched it a few times (okay, maybe a hundred times) a couple of weeks ago, but not since.

Imagine my surprise when I hear my 2.5yo shouting from upstairs, "Ellen! Ellen!" (which sounded more like "Ewwen! Ewwen!"), just like this cute little groundhog in the movie. When I went upstairs (laughing), I asked her what she was doing.

Amelia: "I have a poopy diaper and I was calling you to come." (she was laughing too)

me: "Why are you calling me 'Ellen'?" (still laughing)

Amelia: "Because it's funny!" (bursting out laughing now)

We had a good laugh fest over that one (I've never had so much fun changing a diaper before!)

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