Sunday, April 10, 2011

Daisy the Doggie-Woggie

Our family got a new puppy this week and it has rocked all of our worlds (for the better). She is the sweetest, most gentle dog we could have found and we are happy to welcome her into our home! Meet Daisy:

• Fox Terrier/Beagle mix (the vet says "light on the Beagle for sure, mainly Fox Terrier")

• 9 months old; rescue/shelter dog, no previous family life, she came from Oklahoma

• loves the kids, loves the cat, loves Dan and me, loves the house, loves the fenced backyard...

• the cat reciprocates her love, they're both sleeping in the dog's kennel in the dining room right now

• "barkless" (she barks about twice a day and it's a low "woof" vs. a yap--score!)

• about 16 pounds now and may only grow another pound or two more, small dog

• Dan loves her despite the last bullet point (my "big dog guy")

• LOVES running fast in our yard and has the build of a Greyhound when she really gets going

• has claimed me and follows me around the house, always at my heels

• will only play fetch in the yard with me :)

• loves going on walks in the neighborhood or for nature hikes; freaks out if we attempt to leave the house for some fun without her; loves the car

• came to us housebroken; chose "her spot" in the yard to do her business immediately and consistently goes there (and it's a woodchipped corner, so yay!)

• willingly goes in her kennel at night and when we leave the house

• eats well but is not motivated by treats; she prefers us fawning over her with praise instead and politely declines the treats while her butt is wagging from the excitement of a job well done (I gave her a treat to go into her kennel one night and she took it, walked into her kennel, dropped it in the corner and laid down to sleep. Like, "Thank you, but no thanks.")

See for yourself!

Serious buds. Instant friends.

See caption above.

Hiking at Minnehaha Falls.

Who's a sweet little doggie-woggie??

The cat was trying to intimidate the dog when it was time for dinner by not moving away from her bowl the entire time she ate.

Amelia was NOT sure about Daisy at first, but she has warmed up to the dog now. Another budding friendship. (Daisy just ran up and cuddled with Amelia in this shot. Amelia was shocked, to say the least!)

Her yard. For sure.

The first time they sat together. Now the cat rubs on the dog and the dog licks the cat.

Daisy SuperDog Cake! (Because the kids want to dress her as a super hero for Halloween and they think she smelled like cake when we got her home from the groomer.)

Regarding her name, I wanted to name her "Cedar," thinking that I could appeal to my Nature Boy Jackson by saying "But Sweetie, Cedar is a name connected to nature--it's a tree!" He replied, "Mom, so is Daisy. It's a flower." Jackson won. :)


kristina said...

She may be the cutest dog I have ever seen. And I have dogs... Love her and what a great fit she's proving to be in every way. :0)

Hege said...

What a cutie!

Lisa said...

Love your new addition to the great fam! So cute, so great for the kids.
Totally fits you all!