Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jackson The Bug Guy

We went to see a show by Bruce The Bug Guy at a local rec center today and Jackson had a fantastic time. His interest in insects in skyrocketing this summer and I wouldn't be surprised if it became his Aspie obsession.

Amelia also had a great time at the show. She happily and willingly touched all of the same insects that her brother did (though she's not in as many photos as him because she spent a lot more time running around the gym during the program). I am proud that neither of my kids are squeamish! Their mama did work in a natural history museum for 10 years, after all. It would be sad if they couldn't even handle a hissing cockroach. :)
Stick insects


Cecropia moth

Amelia giving it a go too!

Moving on to the hissing cockroach

Amelia checks out the cockroaches

Examining the scorpion in its cage

He REALLY wanted to take it out...

Rosie the Tarantula

Getting ready to eat a Cheddar-flavored mealworm...

...eating it...

...not bad!
The best part of the day? During the show, I received a phone call saying that Jackson was moved off of a waiting list for a bug summer camp at a nature center and he has a spot in the camp. He.Was.Ecstatic.

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Aunt Jenny said...

Just so awesome! My kids would have loved that! (especially my youngest son Dalton....my very own Aspy who loves bugs and rocks) I love that Amelia was up for it as well. I love when my girls arn't afraid to try something "ungirly".
Wonderful that Jackson gets to go to bug camp too!
I just love your blog!