Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I found Jackson teaching Amelia how to play Mancala today and captured the end in this short film. I had nothing to do with it (I was in the kitchen making dinner) and am so impressed with both of them. I'm trying to incorporate more turn-taking board games during the day now that Amelia is old enough to understand some of them. She LOVES playing with her big brother. And I love that he is such a patient teacher with her here. This is not always the case!

(My favorite part is the end though it's almost too soft to hear, J to A: "Do you like it?" A: smiles and nods...)


Therese said...

Oh I love it! I have that game. It has a different name. I should see if the kids would play it.

MarvA1ix said...

The precious interactions of children will always be treasured. You will go thru years that they play nice together, and then the fight about everything, and someday when they are all grown up, like my children, you will look around you and find that all of your adult children love being together, with their parents, and there are never any fights or arguments (other than a few political arguments). And, you look back and say "I did a good job of raising my family. I did the best I could." And the best lesson of all was "play nice together". My mother used to always say to us, "be nice to your sister, when you grow up someday you might get invited to a ball, and you will ask her to babysit your kids. And, if you are not nice to her now, you may not have a babysitter so that you can go to the ball". And, I always said yes when my sister's asked me to babysit for them.