Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Carrots - a Photographic Journey

Today was the day to try making fresh carrots for Jackson. Fresh, beautiful carrots from our CSA. Fresh, beautiful, delectable carrots that his parents actually fight over. Here's how it went:
I started by steaming them a bit.

Then they were pureed.

He was all set to go, "bring it on!" he seems to be saying through that Nuk.

"Are you sure that's food, Mom? That's totally not what I expected..."

"Yep. That's not what I expected. I don't like carrots!"

"Would you STOP feeding that to me?! I said I don't like it!"

Mom & Dad's dinner: Pureed Carrot Stew.

With fresh, organic thyme (dried in our dehydrator), onions and celery, all from the Farm! I guess it wasn't SO bad that he didn't want the carrots...why do I keep trying?


Uncle Rob said...

HEY!! I was in the middle of a witty post about macs sucking and the whole post was deleted!! What happened!?

Cool carrot pics.

Grama G said...

apparently he will not be as "earthy " as his parents and is in fact a real Gerber Baby albeit much much cuter.............

Missy said...

a boy after my own heart, just say no to carrots!!!!