Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nothing is worth more than this day

We had a good, old-fashioned ice cream social in the neighborhood tonight and it sure was fun to get out and see people. It's been so darn hot here that nobody has really wanted to do much. And while turnout was not great this time around, the prospect of a frozen treat did lure a few old friends out.

And their kids! How do kids grow up so fast? I remember when our neighborhood coordinator's son was born and I guess I still picture him as a baby. But that was FOUR YEARS AGO. He's HUGE. Then there were the kids of a couple of other sets of neighbors who are similarly climbing up the age charts (and height charts). Holy cow, they all grow up, huh? It was so fun to run into an old, old friend from way back in MY childhood who used to live 'round these parts. She still breezes through and dropped by with the kids for a cone. But she has THREE kids instead of just two now and the little one isn't even a babe anymore. He was running around with mud dripping down his back (there was a sprinkler going on in the parking lot for the kiddies) and it was his oldest sister who finally admitted to starting the mudfest. All this wet, dirty, summertime fun and all I can think is "how do you get three muddy, wet kids who are souped up on sugar home in the car?"

We have A LOT to learn as Jackson grows up.

So...he's really going to get that big, huh? My little baby boy, who is clearly full-on into the latter half of his first year and is starting to scootch and roll all around the living room so fast that we're freaking out about not having any gates up yet is actually going to get...BIG...someday? And play with...MUD?

A friend told me that "the day by day drags on sometimes, but the months and years fly by." As a SAHM (come on, you can figure out the acronym), I can totally relate to the day by day thing. But I really wasn't ready for this time flying thing. At least I know that he's snuggled in his crib right now though. And tomorrow will be another day with my baby. Another day to cherish because they are going by so fast...


Knittymama said...

Answer: You get a really good upholstry shampooer! :-)

It does fly by! I'm still amazed each day how much my boys have already grown and how fast it happens.

Dan (aka Dad) said...

I was thinking pretty much the same thing as Catherine last night at the ice cream social:
1) Where did all these kids come from?
2) Where were they when they were babies? (ALT: Where were WE when they were babies?)
3) How can I make sure that Mom and Dad truly enjoy and cherish Jack's childhood--and let him cherish it too?
4) Why do I always go back for seconds on dessert when I fully know how bad I'll feel afterwards? Is the delectable taste of Ben & Jerry's REALLY worth it?