Saturday, July 22, 2006

Winter Squash in the Summer

Winter squash! He likes winter squash! Jackson, the baby who would only eat sweet potatoes from the "vegetable" category for weeks tried winter squash on this summer day and decided he loved it. The whole jar was gone in moments.

Fruits? No problem! He loves apples, pears, peaches, and prunes (he'll pass on the bananas though...). But foods made by his dear mom just for him? No thank you! We tried avocado, banana (I learned just how much his stomach can hold after that one) and brown rice cereal - all homemade. Jackson's reaction: "yuck, blech, can I have another one of those yummy jars, please?"

Sigh. This organic mom with great hopes of peeling carrots, steaming green beans and mashing fruits was crushed. But you know what? Buying the jars is *a lot* easier. And it leaves a whole bunch more time for playing!

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