Saturday, July 22, 2006

What's for dinner?

"We eat good yogurt." That's what Dan said when he read the back of the yogurt container with which Jackson was playing (yogurt containers make *great* toys!). No high fructose corn syrup or other additives and bad stuff. Just milk, fruit, good active cultures and some other stuff. Yum!

We also eat good dinners. Since joining our CSA (Rock Spring Farm), our dinner table has been graced with amazing fresh, organic produce each week. I vowed to try all of the vegetables that we get this summer - even the dreaded beet - and my taste buds thank me each night for doing so. The salad greens are so fresh, the carrots are sweet and the sugar snap peas never made it into the frying pan (hand-to-mouth was their fate). The cukes are crisp, the fennel is fantastic, garlicues are gorgeous, scallions are super, radishes are rad and the beets...oh boy...the beets are beautiful. And with interesting new recipes in the Farm's weekly newsletter to try each week, there's no excuse for not eating everything that comes in our big beautiful veggie box!

Tonight's meal was a gourmet homemade pizza with fennel, golden zucchini, fresh tomatoes and basil (from our own garden). The cornmeal crust was from the Co-op tonight, but Dan does make a mean pizza dough if given the chance (he's our resident bread-baker!). A fresh salad of arugula and other greens with all those good veggies on top for good measure rounded out our plates. Delicious.

Stomachs full, dishes done, beers in hand, baby in bed. Who could ask for more on a Saturday night?

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Uncle Rob said...

I can't believe noone has commented on this picture of a pizza!! It looks AMAZING!! I was so impressed, I immediately tried to find a CSA program in my area. What is up with Hampton Roads? Nothing! Not like there aren't any farms in southern Virginia...