Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weed Trees and Striped Pants

A Sunday for projects. Or for kickin' back and lazing around. We can't decide which! But Dan definitely did his part for the house and yard today when he dug up a weed tree (planted by squirrels?) that was growing behind the garage. He tried to kill it last year but it persevered. So rather than fight it again this year, he decided to dig it up and plop it in the ground in our completely tree-free backyard. Hopefully in about five years (?), there will be some natural shade back there from this little one. In the meantime, we still run around to hide in the shade as the sun moves around the house! Mostly, you can find us on the chairs out front around dinnertime...basking in the shade of the house! (We think it's a sugar maple...anybody know?)

My project is steadily becoming a UFO (in knitting terms, that means "unfinished object!"). These darling little pants were started for Jackson at the beginning of the summer and while each leg was a breeze to whip up, the butt area is dragging on! 'Round and 'round and 'round she goes...where she'll stop, nobody knows. I think I need to pick these up and aim to finish them today. With any baby knit item you can run the risk of the baby growing way faster than the knitting goes...I need to adjust my knitting speed accordingly! (For the knitters reading this: I'm using Nature Spun sportweight by Brown Sheep Co. and the pattern from "Last-Minute Knitted Gifts" - though it was adjusted for gauge and size. The pattern originally called for Rowan Denim yarn, but I had this blue and green stuff laying around. This is a summer of using up the leftovers...)

For those of you who are popping in to see more photos of the babe, never fear. This blog is a strange hodgepodge of projects and such, but the babe is definitely the star. He's just napping now. Or is he? The baby monitor speaks!


Mama Grouch said...

I love the new blog! Very snazzy name too!

I just finished the cargo pants from that look a lot like your striped pants. I agree, the legs are a breeze and then you get to that great big butt that is covered in a diaper and the waist goes to their nipples and it takes FOREVER. I knit the cargo pants in the largest size (18m) because I was convinced that I wouldn't finish them in time, luckily now I can just roll up the cuffs and he has them for another 6 months or so!

Dan said...

About the tree. My wager is that it's a Sugar Maple. If we fill in the rest of the backyard with other like-minded trees--and the side and the front yards--then maybe we could finally become self-sufficient in maple syrup.

Uncle Rob said...

I wonder whose Genes Dan inherited with regard to landscaping? Our Dad is not known for his yard forestry skills... There is talk of another tree trimming in CT!

dan said...

U.R., I totally had Dad in mind when C and I pondered where to stick that tree. I always thought I'd put trees and bushes around the perimeter so that the main yard would be shaded/sunny but also have a clear running and playing area. But the problem with our backyard is that the most ideal place to plant and yield shade years down the road is immediately under the wires (phone, electricity, and [long-defunct] cable). Alas, another Maltby Lane [un]yard may be in the offing.