Friday, August 18, 2006

...farmgirl is a condition of the heart...

The Farm has come to the City, or else the City is going out to the Farm...either way, the lines are getting blurry. The first official meeting of the Urban Farmgirls chapter of MaryJanesFarm was last night and what a hootennany we had*. A baker's dozen of farmgirls showed up with their babies to eat good potluck food, introduce/laugh/talk with each, come up with amazing ideas for farmgirl fun and to just have a good time in general. There's something really cool about getting so many neat women together under one roof...

Meet the Urban Farmgirls:
Left to right - Back row: Indra; Middle row: The Creep + his Mama Grouch, Nicole, Kate, Terri; Front row: me, Gwyneth, Elena + her mom Amanda, knittymama + her babe

We forgot to take the photo before a few folks left, so the "not pictureds" are: Grace + her mom Anna and another Rebecca. (And Jackson, who slept through the whole party upstairs in his bed** - but you faithful blog readers see enough photos of him anyway...)

One of the highlights for me was Terri bringing along some dried lavender as a hostess gift that she got from MJ's Farm in Moscow, ID. How sweet. She was one of the lucky ones who got to go to Farm Fair (so jealous!). Thank you Terri!

The other highlights include amazing organic carrot cake (also from Terri!), a wonderful array of light summer dishes and salads (did I mention how awesome Farmgirls are in the kitchen?), and of course, the camaraderie.

We have decided to meet up on the second Tuesday of each month with a couple of side trips thrown in on the weekends for fun (pumpkins, farm tours, State Fair...). SO MANY IDEAS...service projects, crafts, holiday card-making, recipe swaps, and of course, potluck at each one so we can continue to enjoy each other's amazing treats!

Farmgirl Power!

*Okay, so we didn't really have a hootenanny since that involves folk music and not only did we not have any folk instruments, but we had Ella & Billie on the iPod all night long. But the word sounded good there! And if you go back to the *old* use of the word, before Woodie Guthrie, then it fits. This was my intention. Uh yeah, I totally knew that before looking it up on wikipedia...

**Thank you, Baby!!

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