Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wait, there's more...

Two posts in one day? Well, I have to catch up on missed time! And there's so much more to show you. Like the beautiful vineyard where the bride and groom went to get the wedding wine: It was such a beautiful day when we went and it was far enough out from the wedding still that the planning hadn't gone crazy yet so everyone really enjoyed themselves. Who would have thought that there would be such a neat vineyard right in the middle of New England?

And now I can finally show you the apron that I was working on for a surprise gift for the bride before we left. Oh how I agonized over this project! Not because it was *that* difficult (I just copied the pattern from the apron that Dan bought for me on our honeymoon in the Catskills [Hudson: the antiquing capitol of New York]), but because my machine was not cooperating with me. I guess that's what happens when you don't use it for a few years. The machine got a little pissy about how the knitting needles get all of the attention and decided to be difficult. But I took a deep breath, gave it a little love, cleaned out the major dust bunnies that were growing around the needle (how did this happen? I hadn't used it for years *except* for the flannel pants that I made for Dan for our anniversary in June this year!), and finally got the job done. It also seemed to work better once I vowed to get it properly cleaned and oiled after returning from the trip (note to self: find out how to do that). And to learn how to use it. Officially, instead of the "try me" syndrome that seems to work for me with knitting better than with sewing.

Anyway, here is the apron:
It was supposed to be a shower gift for the bride, but I didn't realize until after I had already started making it that it was to be a lingerie shower. Hmm. I didn't want to scrap my gift and I really didn't want to buy lingerie for the bride (I'm so not a lingerie girl...) so I thought about it... My conclusion was that an apron can be lingerie. I mean, who says that you have to wear anything underneath it?

Now for bringing the post back to the G-rated category (come on back with me, get your filthy minds out of the kitchen). Here's another photo to show you:Why am I showing you yet *another* photo of my son? Because he looks like me in this photo! Finally! Sure, I had to turn it black-and-white so as to "turn off" those electric blue eyes he got from his Daddy...and sure, he's in the bath so his hair is wet and therefore more closely resembles his Mom's black hair than the blondy/reddy tints he usually sports...but come on! Those who know me must agree. Those bug eyes totally come from me (not the color, we've already established that), and the eyebrows and the lips...he's my boy!

And finally, I have this to show you:Why am I showing you this toy, you ask? This adorable little baby teether rattle ring? This rattle ring that Jackson's Grandma bought for him that he totally adored? Because I want you to see what our world has come to. Because this innocent (annoying, yes, but still innocent) little toy was TAKEN AWAY FROM HIM by the TSA on our trip home. You see, we traveled during that recent scare with liquids and planes. It seems that this toy fit into the "possible terrorist bomb-making material" category because one of the keys contained a bit of liquid. They confiscated his pear juice too even though the airport told us we could have juice for the baby if the baby was present. Don't we all feel safer now?


Knittymama said...

Doesn't that sound like some kind of weird science fiction we would have read about 20 years ago? If someone had told me they would be taking baby toys away to thwart terrorists I would have thought them crazy!

Love the apron! Once I get Little Man's cape finished that's my next project.

Becca said...

Catherine! Good to hear from you on our blog - the new parents appreciate the good words. We are all so happy for Owain's arrival. Love your posts - I won't even begin to wail on about the teething ring incident at the airport - and I love the apron (definitely can be "lingerie" if you want it to be!). I got my sewing machine tuned up at a very small sewing machine repair shop on Penn and 65th (right across from ARC), called Johnson's (I think!). Very quick service and a good price.

Glad to hear you are happy and well. I'll miss the Farm Girls party but will be thinking of you all! Becca