Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After..."

Well, we're home. We were excited to return to our lives and "stuff," but knew that we would miss the East Coast family very much...and we do. The wedding festivities were perfect, even the last minute planning and prep stuff. What wedding doesn't have those things? Printing programs the night before, forgetting the boutonnieres at the house, last-minute flower arranging, "where's the CD?!?"...it's all part of the package. And it's a beautiful package. Uncle Rob & Aunt Maria had a beautiful wedding that is leading them right into a beautiful marriage. We're so thrilled that we were able to stand up with them and support them on this huge day! CONGRATULATIONS ROB & MARIA! The fairytale continues...

The trip was also a trip of introductions, as Jackson had not met any of his Daddy's family (except the grandparents). So we made sure to get in a lot of playtime with the Uncles before the wedding stuff took off. And not just the Uncles, but all of the family! There were folks from all over for Jackson to meet, including England and Germany. The German Family brought the most wonderful gift (well, everyone did really...it's a good thing that Daddy brought an empty suitcase for all of the new toys everyone brought for Jackson - THANK YOU!!!) - a German soccer uniform imprinted with his name and the number "06" on the back. Oh boy, did his Daddy-the-soccer-nut flip! It's still a bit big, but you can be sure that he'll be wearing it often and learning soccer as soon as possible. Right now he only knows how to eat that little soccer ball...

All in all, it was an amazing, fun-filled trip. And I'm not even mentioning the ear infections, sinus infections, late night trip to the ER, baby who wouldn't sleep in a new place or any of that stuff... It's all a fairytale. I'm so thankful for my Dan and our marriage for so many reasons, and a huge one is his family. They are so welcoming, so loving and so much fun. Hopefully, it will not be *too* long until we see them again! Prost!

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dan (aka dad) said...

I told my brother at one point during the visit that the whole thing seemed surreal. He's my little brother. But now he's passed through yet another stage of adulthood.

Rob and Maria have been dating for years. Now they're MARRIED! From now on whenever I think about Rob and wonder what he's doing on any given evening or weekend, it'll be that I'm actually thinking about Rob and Maria. Again, I should have been doing this for a long time now because they've been together for so long. But now they're MARRIED!

As stressed out as I was in the days leading up to the nuptials, and as stressed out as I myself probably made some other family members, I LOVED every minute of it and have replayed so many parts of it in my head since leaving.