Saturday, August 05, 2006

Traveling Jack

Well, we made it! A second solo trip with the Boy to visit the in-laws and partake in the beautiful experience of his Uncle's wedding. Wow! So much going on and so much excitement. We'll talk to y'all when we return, though don't be surprised if you do get periodic updates as we are so pleased to discover wireless here!

Verdict: The Boy travels well, but it sure will be nice to return home with his Daddy to help out. Guten Nacht!


dan (aka Dad) said...

It feels like just yesterday that my wife and son took off for CT. Wait a minute--it actually WAS yesterday. And what has Dad been up to without his better half and third? Baking, and LOTS of it: new loaf of bread, two veggie pot pies (with homemade crusts!), and fried potatoes. And this is just Day One. So as not to outdo myself, I also rigged up the Mom and Dad bikes for the baby trailer, weed wacked the garden, mowed the lawn, and crossed some stuff for work off the to-do list. I'm pooped. But not enough to miss the rest of my family.

Aunt Missy said...

as always, too cute picture!

Kate said...

Catherine with a C~
That is the cutest picture ever! What a happy little guy you have been blessed with. Hope you have a great trip. Let me know how the cloth/disposable delema turns out.
Katherine with a K

cousin gingin said...

ummm Kate, I hope you didn't pack him IN the suitcase...maybe that is why the trip was so easy:) Ha ha just kidding...he is the cutest!

Aunt Jenny said...

Adorable picture!!
I loved reading your blog Catherine!!